A Review of TheBrain

Originally posted on I used to be undecided, but now I'm not so sure.:
It is my opinion that in a mapping program moving the map to keep the node of interest in the centre of the screen is a very useful feature which should be more widely available than it is. A long time ago I used a free mapping program called Cayra, it was unlike any of the mind mapping program which I had used before.  It was not organised into a hierarchical tree, anything could be connected to anything else and the map moved to position… Continue reading A Review of TheBrain

Review of Ultra Recall

Originally posted on I used to be undecided, but now I'm not so sure.:
This is yet another note taking program which I missed first time around.  I thought that my search was over when I found MyInfo, I thought that I would not be able to find anything better, but I was wrong. Ultra Recall is a note taking program from Kinook Software in the USA.  It stores it’s notes in an SQL database so there is usually no need to save the file, the database is updated continuously, there is a save button but this just saves… Continue reading Review of Ultra Recall

Note Taking Software

This includes Archiving and Information Management for Research and Writing. Microsoft One Note One Note is the undisputed King-of-the-hill for note taking and information archival. It is basically a digital bookshelf of notebooks filled with whatever you may have gathered on whichever various subjects you care about. Over the years, these notebooks become quite precious indeed and represent your own private archives and database. It can grow to become a rather huge treasure-chest of research. You can copy and paste little snippets, entire documents, web pages, illustrations, graphs, photos, audio recordings, and make sketches and diagrams, etc. You can send … Continue reading Note Taking Software

Writing Software

Firstly, a word concerning Full Disclosure: the following consists of my own well-informed opinion and nobody pays me the first penny to influence it. Opinions are like Elbows (everybody has a couple), useful mostly to the operator but helpful to others where many hands make light work. These opinions are informed, via actual purchases (where applicable), using my own hard-earned cash. Nobody has ever stepped up to subsidize me and you may trust these utterly sincere and uncompromised opinions. There are many aspects of Writing and Writing Software will have many facets to consider as well. It almost goes without saying … Continue reading Writing Software